Forest Church Diary

Kitty and Isabelle are sisters who go to Forest Church at St James. Isabelle has written about her time at Forest Church and Kitty has taken some photos.

Thank you, to both of you for your wonderful contribution - well done!

Forest Church Diary

By Isabelle, aged 9

On Sunday, I woke up and the sun was shining through my curtains and then I remembered it was Forest Church today so I said to myself that’s it’s going to be a good day. 

When I got to Forest Church I smiled my way in and was excited to learn about new things today. When I went in I looked around and saw that there was painting, a treasure hunt, an apple sead howlder and a sead bome. 

Firstly I went to the sead bome activity because it was so messy and fun. Then I went on to the treasure hunt and me and my friend went with my vicor and we found lots of new things that I thought didn’t existe! 

I love Forest Church because I feel so loved and we can all love God together. 

The best bit for me was when we did the jokes at the end and they were so funny!


Here are some of the brilliant photos that Kitty took while at Forest Church.



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