Team Rector’s Letter                       February 2021

Team Rector’s Letter                       February 2021

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to pack for a trip away!

Like many of you, I had no holidays in 2020 and no overnight stays. Future travel seems very uncertain at the moment.

When you are able to go away, are you a careful, organised packer, or a last-minute one? What counts as a ‘travel essential’ for you? My main travel essential is my Kindle, as it saves me packing a suitcase full of books. What you take with you depends of course on where you are going, and what you plan to be doing. For some holidays it will be sturdy boots, a torch and sleeping bag, for others an elegant outfit for dining out and a good supply of sun-cream and beach-towels.

Spiritual writers have often seen human lives as like a ‘journey’. We may encounter times in our lives when it is as if the sun is shining and the sky is cloudless or others when it seems that the storm clouds gather and the temperature seems to drop dramatically. At these times, the spiritual equivalent of ‘travel essentials’ are vital for our survival.

In good times and dark times, we have a deep need of God in our life-journey! God can offer us some sense of direction, for He is our destination and our guide. He offers us nourishment and refreshment, through the powerful words of the Bible. He brings light into our lives through the kindness of other people.  And whatever our circumstances, He enables us to have a sense of security and peace.

May you know God’s presence with you on your ‘journey of life’.

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