We have a new curate in the Bexley Team Ministry

Team Rector’s Letter                       October 2020

We have a new curate in the Bexley Team Ministry, ordained as a Deacon in the Church of England at Rochester Cathedral on Saturday 26 September.


Reverend Matt Hodder will be working across the four churches in the team, including St James North Cray, of course.


So what exactly IS a Deacon?


A Deacon has a distinctive role in the Church of England, and theirs is part of what is called the Three-fold Ministry of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. It is intended that Rev Matt will be ‘priested’ next summer, but he will continue to hold that same identity as a deacon throughout his life.  All Priests are also Deacons, all Bishops are also Priests and Deacons.


The distinctive role of the Deacon in the community is set out by the Bishop during the Ordination Service.

“Deacons are called to work with the Bishop and the priests with whom they serve as heralds of Christ’s kingdom.


They are to proclaim the gospel in word and deed, as agents of God’s purposes of love.


They are to serve the community in which they are set, bringing to the Church the needs and hopes of all the people.


They are to work with their fellow members in searching out the poor and weak, the sick and lonely and those who are oppressed and powerless, reaching into the forgotten corners of the world that the love of God may be made visible.

We pray for Reverend Matt as he takes on his new role.


Reverend Ren Harding (Team Rector)

contact me at Joydens Wood Vicarage,

6 Tile Kiln Lane, Joydens Wood, Bexley, DA5 2BB  

01322-528923                         renharding@hotmail.co.uk

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