Music choice for Lent , Palm Sunday, Easter Week & Easter Sunday 2022

 We continue with our selection of songs to take us through to Palm Sunday and then onto Easter! We hope that there will be something that everyone will find useful as we journey towards Easter with the backdrop of all that is happening in the world at this present time. 

Palm Sunday to Easter Day

Hosanna Hosanna

Hosanna - Hillsong Worship

Love each other



Gethsamane Hymn

Come and see

Such Love

New Easter Song

King of Kings


Easter Song


Lent to Palm Sunday

Beauty for brokeness Graham Kendrick


Kyrie Eleison Chris Tomlin


Psalm 130 I will wait for you Keith and Kristyn Gettty


God of the humble heart Charlie Coxill


Psalm 51 Have mercy on me, O God. Graham Kendrick

My Soul longs for Jesus -Planetshaker


As we start the period of Lent and examine ourselves during this time on the road to Easter, the first two songs acknowledge that we can do nothing in our own strength. We can only come as we are to the One who calls the thirsty and weak to Himself ( Psalm 55 ).

With the news of war so much in the forefront of our minds at this time the last song, by Graham Kendrick, is a prayer for justice, mercy and peace, " O Lord, the clouds are gathering.



Jesus Take Me as I am



O Lord, the clouds are gathering 

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