Music for the Jubilee and Pentecost

" How wonderful this week that as we celebrate Pentecost we also celebrate the 70 year reign of a Queen who puts her faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour. The first piece of music, " I was glad" by Parry, is well known from Royal occassions and we've chosen a video from the 60 year anniversary ( just in case you can't get enough footage of the Royal family this week !). The hymn,

" Praise my soul the King of Heaven " is one that the Queen has listed in her top ten favourite pieces of music. The first version is sung by Robin Mark to the traditional tune and then there is a modern version by Graham Kendrick ( same words which stand the test of time with a new tune ). The last two choices are prayers that as we celebrate Pentecost we will be filled again by the Holy Spirit as individuals and as church, " Holy Spirit come and fill this place " sung by Cece Winans and " Spirit of the living God."

I was glad

 Praise my soul - Robin Mark

Praise my Soul - Graham Kendrick

Holy Spirit come fill this place - Cece Winans

Spirit of the Living God.

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